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If you need custom-built ventilation ducts for your establishment in the United Kingdom, we can help. Contact our team at HIE Ltd in Ayrshire today!

Experienced duct fabricators


Based in Ayrshire, HIE Ltd manufactures components for ventilation systems. From duct pipe fittings to ventilation ducts and other metal products, we can manufacture a wide range of metal components as per your specifications and design. Our manufacturing and fabrication services are available to commercial customers across the United Kingdom. Take a look at our recent projects or talk to our team about your requirements today!

Fabrication Services

The range of ventilation units we produce includes :

  • Fume cupboards
  • Fume hoods
  • Duct pipes
  • Fume extraction systems
  • Ducts for air conditioning systems
  • Ventilation units for factories and much more

Custom-made steel products

Whether you are working on a new installation or a refurbishment project, we can provide you with the fabrication service designed for your needs. Our services are tailored to your requirements, keeping in mind the budget and agreed time frame. For more details, talk to our ductwork experts about your requirements.

For the fabrication of duct pipes and other ventilation units, look no further than HIE Ltd in Ayrshire. Contact our team of experts on

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