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Metal work experts in Ayrshire

HIE Ltd offers a wide range of metal fabrication services to customers across the United Kingdom. For more details on the range of metal work we undertake, talk to our team today!

State-of-the-art workshop in Ayrshire

At HIE Ltd, we have a purpose-built workshop and fabrication facility. The facility is equipped with the latest advanced machinery to handle a range of projects of varying scales and complexities. All the products we manufacture are tailored to your specifications and is compliant with the environmental and health and safety regulations. We are a one-stop manufacturing facility for all your metal fabrication requirements in the United Kingdom.


Equipment at our facility includes:

  • Morgan Rushworth HD Plasma
  • 4m 320 Brake Press
  • 3m 120 ton brake press
  • Automatic cutting saw
  • 3m 6 mm power rollers
  • 3m 6 mm powered guillotine

Edward Pearson Press Brake

Edwards PR3 100 tons capacity X3100 3 Axis CNC hydraulic down stroking press brake.


Morgan Rushworth HDP 2040/260 high definition hyperformance plasma cutting system c/w hypertherm true technology.


  • Cutting width: 2200 mm
  • Cutting length: 4800 mm
  • Cutting thickness from edge: 64 mm
  • Pierce (mild steel): 38 mm
  • Machine width: 3500 mm
  • Machine weight: 5500 kg
  • Hypertherm: Pro Nest 2015 MTC Nesting and Process Optimisation Software Package
  • Hypertherm: Micro Edge Pro CNC Controller
  • Hypertherm: Arc Glide THC Torch Carrier
  • Hypertherm: Model: 260 HPR XD Auto Gas Plasma Syste

Our range of services:

With a team of expert welders and technicians, we can provide you with the fabrication of pipes, tanks, vessels and ventilation units among other products.

If you're looking for metal work specialists in Ayrshire, contact us at HIE Ltd on

01292 475720